All Local Titleholders competing at the state Miss North Dakota pageant must attend the mandatory orientation day, which is scheduled several weeks prior.

Location: Sunday, May 2, 2010


*All state paperwork is due to be turned in.
*Opening number outfits are given out.
 *Miss North Dakota shares a message of encouragement and excitement for the state pageant, looking forward to passing on her title.
*Lunch is served.
*Local directors attend alongside their contestants.
*Any new information, updates, or changes for the state pageant and Miss America are announced (such as when Miss America changed television networks.)
*The state board of directors are introduced.
*Parents are welcome to attend to learn more about the upcoming pageant and support their daughters.
*All local titleholders introduce themselves so that the group starts to become more familiar prior to the week of state pageant.
*Roomates for state week are paired up, introduced to each other, and have photos taken together.
*A group photo of all girls is taken for the website and publication purposes.

This day is generally very informational but very enjoyable. Any exceptions to not attending must be passed by the appropriate state board members, because this day is a huge final step toward preparation for the state pageant, (especially since all paperwork gets turned in.) Meeting one's future roomate is fun, and fitting the opening number outfits is good so that you'll know if alterations are needed. The state board of directors and Miss ND Organization want every girl to feel as ready and fully-prepared for state as possible : )