Miss North Dakota Eligibility
2019 Pageant Cycle

  1. Must be a U.S. citizen and a legal resident of North Dakota or full-time student in North Dakota at least 6 months prior to local pageant competition

  2. The  Miss  America  Organization's  contestant  age  eligibility  requirements  are  based  on  a  calendar  year,  not  a  pageant cycle.  In  order  to  be  eligible  to compete  in  a  local  or  state  competition,  a  contestant  cannot  be  older  than  
    twenty-five  (25)  years  of  age  on  December  31st  the  year  she  could  be  chosen  to  represent  her  state  in  the  National Finals.

  3. In  order  to  meet  age  eligibility  requirements  to  compete  in  local  competitions  for  the  2018  State  Competition,  a  contestant  must  be  at  least  17  years  of  age  and  her  birth  year  can  be  no  earlier  than  1993.  

  4. High school graduate or successfully completed G.E.D. testing program

  5. Female, never married and never have had children

  6. Must maintain the basis for eligibility throughout the local and state competition

Judging Criteria

  • Talent = 35%
  • Private Interview = 25%
  • Lifestyle & Fitness in Swimsuit =15%
  • Evening Wear = 20%
  • On-Stage Questions = 5%