Laura Harmon

Miss North Dakota 2013

Energy Kids: Raising Responsible Energy Users

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”
~Ancient Native American Proverb

This proverb puts the world into perspective and reminds us that our environment and resources are not here simply for our survival, but they are also what we leave behind for future generations. My state, North Dakota, has been blessed with tremendous energy resources; our challenge is to use them wisely while preserving the stark beauty of the rolling prairie and badlands. As a child I was given every opportunity to get out into nature and experience its vast beauty. Camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting showed me how much the Earth provides for humanity. It not only provides beautiful scenery, but more importantly it provides food, shelter, adventure, and much more. At no time was this was more apparent to me than when I visited the Rocky Mountains. While there, I realized how much the Earth intertwines with my way of life. Just as nature has a great impact on my life, my actions have an impact on nature. I have learned the importance of the environment and how fragile it really is. This is what has motivated me to educate communities on how easy it is to personally affect environmental changes.

Today our society is faced with the crisis of pollution, excessive waste, and the exhaustion of our natural resources. Many people are not aware of the environmental consequences caused by their daily activities. In order to protect our Earth, we all need to be educated in environmentally friendly living habits. As Miss America I will reach out to youth across the country, focusing on responsible use of resources and sharing ways in which they can lessen their impact on the environment. I will show them how this can be done by incorporating simple changes to their lifestyle, such as reusing items and reducing energy use. I plan to explain this by using the system below.

Energy Kids: the foundation

1. Educate- I share with classrooms the issues that are effecting our environment and the consequences that stem from them. I also explain scientific terminology to help children more easily understand current energy issues facing our world.

2. Empower- I give students tools to understand their environmental footprint. I want students to realize how much power knowledge gives them and that they can and should actively share this information with parents, family and friends, empowering everyone to make a change in their daily lives.

I have wanted to become Miss America since I was a little girl when I first listened to Miss North Dakota talk about her platform and the Miss America Organization at my school. I would be honored to have the opportunity to motivate youth across the nation to change daily habits and help preserve our environment. I am also grateful to be a part of the Miss America Organization for the past four years. I believe that as Miss America I can help America become cleaner and more environmentally aware.

“Remember our duty to nature before it is too late… That duty is constant.
It is never completed. It lives on as we breathe.”~Margaret Thatcher