A Day in the Life of Miss Fort Abercrombie, Haley Wolfe


Hello readers! My name is Haley Wolfe and I am your Miss Fort Abercrombie 2018. My platform is #BeThe1To – Teen Suicide Awareness and it focuses on the suicide prevention and awareness specifically targeting teens and youth. At a young age my family and I were affected by suicide when I lost my cousin when he was only 18. The #BeThe1To is a social movement to help promote the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by explaining that you don’t need to be an expert to be the one to save a life. With this movement we are looking to take the conversation away from the tragedy of suicide and promote suicide prevention. Every day is an opportunity to promote healing by learning how to help others and ourselves.


Every day is different and brings new challenges into my life. However, overcoming these obstacles truly helps myself grow and achieve my highest potential. An important thing to remember before I lay out my typical day is that you make the title, the title doesn’t make you. So please enjoy the rest of my post as I, Haley Wolfe, lay out my very typical or not so typical day.


Well to start off, my day is always filled with excitement and adventure. I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily a morning person but that all changed when I become a Dog Mom. My fur baby, Murphy, is currently seven months old and is a little fluff ball of energy. Every morning consists of running down the stairs to go play outside and a quick walk around the neighborhood. He loves meeting new people and giving kisses! I have definitely learned many things when it comes to taking care of a pet. Patience is an aspect I have now mastered after countless hours of training my pup. Next, we run back up the stairs to my homie apartment and start to get ready for the day full of classes.


I am currently a Junior at Minnesota State University Moorhead majoring in Accounting. Although my university is a little on the smaller side, I enjoy getting involved in every aspect on campus. Currently my organizational involvement includes, Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Accounting Club, Golden Key Honor Society, and the National Society of Leadership and Success just to name a few. However my favorite leadership position on campus is my Dragon Ambassador position. This position allows me to lead tours and directly talk to new students about their interests in college. Being an avid learner, I see a high value of education and I am happy to communicate how my university has truly helped me grow throughout my classes and experiences.


With all of my activities and classes, you may be thinking that this girl has no time for fun, right? Well that is very far from the truth. This year I tried out for my collegiate dance team and you will see me tearing it up on the floor with my new teammates. This is also a great way that I stay active through my busy lifestyle. Truthfully I prefer more interactive fitness classes to keep myself healthy. Before I received surgery on both of my feet over the past year, my favorite way to stay active was to climb the rock wall on campus. I find it so fun to race my friends up a 30 foot wall suspended from only a rope.

Besides the thrills of Rockwall climbing I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends. My main hobbies currently involve shopping, watching movies, and snuggling my dog. I also enjoy cooking, reading, going for walks, and volunteering in my community.

Taking on many activities and having a lot of responsibility isn’t always easy. However when you are passionate about something the work is always worth it. John F. Kennedy once said, “Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”. As long as you have a plan, no matter how big, you can achieve whatever you are passionate about. With that thank you all for reading through my typical day, and I hope to see you all when I compete for the job of a lifetime in June!