A Day in the Life of Miss North Dakota State Fair, Emily Prock

4:00am - My alarm usually goes off around this time every morning. I am known to hit snooze once or twice, but my pup Charlie always ensures I am out of bed by at least 4:15am. I am known to turn on “Say Yes to the Dress” while I’m rummaging around my room in search for my gym clothes. I started going to my Anytime Fitness in the morning for my cardio sessions and some of lifting so I can get a good start to my day.

5:30am - This is when my stomach starts sounding like a small dinosaur and I know it’s time to head back home. So as I’m packing up my gym back and get my life together, I turn on some throwback jams and start my Jeep. Usually this is when the trainers head into the gym and they make some joke about me and my love for the Backstreet Boys!

6:00am - HOME! Charlie is always at the door of my apartment ready to greet me with a nice lick or bark because like me, he’s starving! I feed Charlie and get him some freshwater and then I jump in the shower. I’m not a singer...but when I’m taking a shower, I think I’m Rachel Berry.


6:30am - If you haven’t noticed, I like to pack my mornings full! But by now I have my hair blowed dry and about half a face of makeup. (Charlie must know when I have one eyebrow on because he always needs to go out after only one has been filled!) So, I take him out. He barks at the same tree every morning and sniffs the same snow pile. After about ten minutes, I take him in and he heads straight for the couch and hunkers down for a nap while I finish my makeup.

6:45am - Finally, best part of my morning..BREAKFAST! I have never been nor will I ever be someone who skips breakfast. I have the same thing every morning. 4 egg whites, 1 whole egg, and two pieces of turkey bacon. I sometimes change it up with a protein shake when I’m on a super time crunch.

7:00am - I sit down, slippers on, hot coffee and enjoy my breakfast and catch up on the news. I love to watch CNN or Fox and Friends in the morning while I enjoy my food and gear up for a day at school.


7:30am - Jeeps nice and warm, country music is blasting and I’m ready to drive to work for the day. I work at an Elementary School in Grand Forks close to the UND campus! I just recently graduated from UND with a degree in Elementary Education in December of 2017.

8:00am - Time to start my morning off at school. I greet the kids with a “Good morning!” every morning and more than likely I’ll get a grumpy “good morning ms. Prock,” back from someone. I’m sending kids to the gym for laps, the reading room to read or to the lunch room for breakfast until the bell rings.

8:20-11:00am- Kids, kids, and more kids. I’m usually running around with my head cut off navigating through mid-life crisis’ - 5th grade addition. Through library, Spanish, math and writing. I am thankful it’s an early release day!

11:15am - Second best part of my day? LUNCH! On today’s menu, I have 3oz of grilled chicken, a cup of jasmine rice, 1 cups of of green beans, 1 cup of sliced peppers and maybe a small salad! Who said you can’t eat a lot when you’re trying to get back in shape?

12:30p - Gym class. We all remember gym class growing up, you either loved it or hated it and let me tell you this; I was the kid who took it all too serious, but also knew it was only for fun. I love going to gym with my class, they’re just a blast when they’re care free, playing dodgeball or anything else for that matter.

1:30pm - SCHOOL IS OUT! I love early outs because then I get that extra time to go to the gym and plan my next day! Time for more car jams and I am pumped! That is probably my favorite part about working out...the amp up! I pumped myself up with some tunes and I drink my pre-workout.

2:00pm - Well… it’s back and bicep day! It has really taken me a long time to fall back in love with the gym, but I am so over the moon that I did. I would be a lost puppy if I didn’t have that as a solid foundation to fall on. The Miss North Dakota Organization has really helped change my life for the better and I’ll always be thankful.

Here’s my game plan for the gym today...you ready?

-Rack Pulls WUx20, 4x10 Over hand grip. This is mainly the top half of a deadlift. Do in a squat rack with adjustable side pieces so you can adjust. -Pull ups WIDE to NARROW/NEUTRAL 3x7 each Assissted if needed! Really focus on these to be efficient. -DB Pullovers 4x12 Use flat bench. Slow and SQUEEZE -High Cable V-Bar Row 4x10-12 Step back pulling the weight with you and squat slightly to keep the weight from pulling you forward. -DB Bicep Curl 4x10-12 keep elbows tight to side and try not to use momentum -Back Extension 3x12 Slow and controlled here. Keeping these in so we can work the lower back. Add weight if possible.

You will sweat.

I can’t think of the last time I looked “cute” after leaving the gym! But splitting up my cardio and lifting has really been beneficial for me because I don’t feel so burnt out after my lift is over.

4:00pm - Dog mom on duty! Charlie is best known for sunbathing on the couch while I’m at school or running around town like a mad woman. (Forever wishing I could be a lazy dog somedays!) I put him on his leash and we walk our afternoon route and he sometimes stops to see a Great Dane named Oliver, that lives down the block. I’m pretty sure they’re best friends.

5:00-7:30pm - This is my me time. My “treat yo self time,” if you will. I will binge watch Grey’s Anatomy, The Real Housewives of Orange County, or Fixer Upper. I am a writer for The Odyssey online so I take this time to brainstorm my article for the upcoming week. I pop in one of my meals that I prepped on Sunday and just relax. Since I’ve graduated, I have made it a daily thing to allow myself not to stress over work, pageants, or life in general.


* I have had to really work on giving myself “me” time. As part of my platform, I talk a lot about self love and I noticed I was lacking that skill. My mother always told me, “No one is going to know how to love you if they know you don’t love yourself.” As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how right she was. Self love is more important than money, fame, and even a crown and sash. You have you for your entire life and no one is going to love you better than yourself.

8:30pm - Finally bedtime, the most relaxing part of my day. I wash my face, brush my teeth, attempt to find my pajamas in my dresser, and turn on my salt lamp. When I was younger, I listened to the radio while I was sleeping and if I can’t fall asleep now?...I turn on the radio. something about George Strait singing to you as you fall asleep. Now THAT is what dreams are made of.

That’s my day. Not too busy, not too calm. Just an average day. On any given day, I can be found driving 3 hours home to Minot for an event.

I’m a girl on a mission and I’m not gonna stop until I reach the top. Thanks for tagging along with me today!

Xoxo, Miss NDSF 2018 - Emily Prock