A Day in the Life of Miss Summerfest, Madison Truscinski

Hello! My name is Madison Truscinski and I am your current Miss Summerfest 2018. I recently graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training, so my days have been pretty crazy leading up to the Miss North Dakota Scholarship Pageant. I have been competing in the Miss America Organization since 2014 and I have held three titles one of which was in Minnesota.


My regular school day consisted of class from 8 am to 3pm at the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND. After classes were out I would go to my rotations with Saint Mary’s Central High School in the Fall, University of Mary Wrestling in the Winter, and University of Mary Men’s Soccer in the Spring. I have been doing this same schedule for about 3 years, and on my free time in between classes I would go to the University of Mary’s Athletic Training Room to learn more about rehabilitation and therapeutic modalities.

I took my Board of Certification test to become a certified athletic trainer on April 4, 2018 at 4 pm in Fargo, ND and I am happy to say that I just recently got my results back and I passed my test. In a couple of weeks I will have the credentials of being a licensed athletic trainer in the state of North Dakota (LAT) as well as a certified athletic trainer (ATC). Two of the four points of the crown that I wear upon my head are Scholarship and Service. The last three years of my life I have been focusing on earning my Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training and serving the communities of Bismarck and Grafton, ND as well as Roseau, Kittson, and Marshall Counties in Minnesota.

Now that I am done with my undergraduate program I have been working at Victoria’s Secret as a generalist and I have recently been hired at Missouri Slope Lutheran Care Center and the Luft in Bismarck, ND. But, I am not quite finished with my education at the University of Mary. This Fall I will be attending the University of Mary’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. My life-long dream has been to help people with the gifts and talents that God has blessed me with, and rehabilitation is one of my passions because of being an athlete that frequently sustained injuries during high school.


There are so many things to be thankful for in our day to day lives, and sometimes it is difficult to remember the goals that we have and the things that we want to do in our lives. Being a part of the Miss North Dakota Scholarship Organization has been a blessing and it has been so because of the wonderful women that I have met, friends that I have made on my journey, and the wonderful experiences and opportunities that being a local title holder have given me. It is easy to assume that being a title holder is all “Glitz and Glam”, but in reality we are all just women who are trying to Serve our communities in a Stylish manner and earning Scholarships to be Successful in our different walks of life and our career choices.  Without this organization I would not be the woman I am today! I really enjoy this quote by Marilyn Monroe and it happens to describe how I like to look at life: “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it is better to absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”