A Day in the Life of Miss White Cloud Days, Olivia Buckeye


Hello everyone! My name is Olivia Buckeye and I am your Miss White Cloud Days 2018. Since I am new to this, I just want to list a few interesting things about myself. I have grown up in Nortonville, North Dakota my whole life, and I attend school at Edgeley High where I am currently a senior. I plan to go off to Presentation College in Aberdeen, South Dakota to pursue my dream job as a Radiologic Technician. Some of my hobbies include hunting, fishing, hanging out with friends, spending time with little cousins, competing in pageants, and finally, raising my herd of cows. Within the last two years I have successfully bought, bred, fed, and sold over thirty head of cows with the help of my dad and grandpa.

The one thing that I love about myself the most is the fact that I can go out to the farm, feed my heifers, get all dirty, and then the next day get all dressed up, looking professional as ever and be ready for a pageant! Some people may call me crazy, but I wouldn't want it any other way.


The day in the life of myself is pretty busy. I wake up early in the morning to go into the gym to workout. Then, since I live fifteen minutes away from town, I have to shower and get ready for the day at the school. Next, I will grab a bite to eat and catch up with my friends on anything that I may have missed. Once the bell rings, I have sign language right away. This is for sure my most interesting class because I get to learn something extremely new and it is beyond fun! My other classes include college algebra, English Comp., POD, Band, Choir, and finally Agriculture 4. This year I haven’t done any sports. I used to run cross country and track and played basketball. However, I tore a muscle in my hip about two years ago and never recovered properly for me to play sports again. So, after school, I run up to Jamestown, where I have my voice lessons. This usually takes anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. Once I get back home I try to get all my homework done fast to leave some extra time allowing me to go out to the farm to do my chores.

My Miss North Dakota platform is focused on Bullying. I want to teach children that they can use their words to be heard. I plan to go through every elementary grade in my school and give a presentation so that kids feel confident in standing up to bullies. I feel like a lot of times, bullying gets put underneath the rug. With technology only improving every single day, bullying isn't going to get any better especially if kids don't start speaking up. Most kids fear telling an

adult or they have told someone, and nothing happened. So, educating students on who to tell and why they shouldn’t be afraid to tell, is immensely important.


So far, I have only made one appearance as Miss White Cloud Days. I have had a late start so, I needed to work very fast! I organized our town's very first Tiara's and Tea. My main goal was to raise $100 for the Children's Miracle Network. It was for princesses the ages of thirteen and under. I told the girls to wear their favorite dresses and when they got to the party, they had the choice to do their hair, nails, or makeup. I also had snacks, games, and each girl got to take pictures with me and got to even take a picture home! I ended up with a huge success and raised over $500 for the CMN. We had so much fun and I truly felt like I made such a huge impact on each girl's life. Since the party, each one of them will smile, say "hi", or even give me a hug in the hallways at our school. I am truly honored to have been able to grow up in such a loving, caring, and supportive community.


Thanks everyone for reading!


Olivia Buckeye—Miss White Cloud Days 2018