A Day in the Life of Miss Coal Country, Kyrah Kay Duttenhefer

Kyrah Duttenhefer.jpg

Hello hello fellow readers, I am Miss Coal Country 2018, Kyrah Kay Ellen Duttenhefer. My day usually starts off at 7 a.m. when I get woken up by my fur baby, Zulu, an English Springer Spaniel weighing 40 pounds of full viscousness. Just kidding, she’s the sweetest most loving dog you could ask for. Sometimes my alarm goes off before she wakes me up but not so much anymore now that we have a very strict schedule during the week. After licking and scratching me awake I take my anxious pup out potty right away. After we get back in I feed her and I then get ready for my busy day.

My busy morning starts with getting ready for school. I am currently attending The Hair Academy in Bismarck where I practice hair coloring, hair cutting, nails, facials and so much more! I started in September of 2017 at JZ Trend Academy Paul Mitchel Partner School in Bismarck but decided I wanted more education in different products and techniques than what the Paul Mitchel school had to offer. I go to school full time, which means I go to schools Monday’s 11-7:30 and Tuesday through Friday 8:30-5 everyday with weekends off. I usually work Tuesday-Friday and Sundays.

After getting ready for the day I take my fur baby to doggy daycare. Yes, I said it, doggy daycare. With my busy schedule it wouldn’t be fair for my fur baby to be stuck in my apartment all day, so I take her to the four paws inn on my way to school. After dropping her off I go to school and start doing my thing all day! I love my profession and can’t wait to get into the salon world! If your on Instagram go follow my Cosmetology page, kyrahkay, and check out my hair art! What do I do after school you may ask? That’s a great question because sometimes, most the time, I’m exhausted and just want to sleep. But I happily go pick up Zulu who is anxiously waiting for me to pick her up from daycare and tell me all about her exciting day of chasing after her fur friends and playing fetch with her favorite ball!

Not only do I go to school full time but I also work full time. That’s right, full time student and full time worker. I am currently working at McDoanlds in Bismarck, the one by Marlins truck stop. I am a full time closet which means after picking up Zulu from daycare I take her home, quickly change, and go to work by 5:30. During the week we are open until 11 but don’t get out until around midnight. After leaving work, I go home, greet my Zulu and go to bed.

Thanks for reading a day in the life of me, Kyrah Duttenhefer, Miss Coal Country 2018. Hope to see you at Miss ND in Williston!