A Day in the Life of Miss Mercer County, Emerald Aipperspach

Cuncta fecit bona in tempore suo.

            Ecclesiastes 3:11

Hello! My name is Emerald Aipperspach, but you can call me Emme! I am your Miss Mercer County 2018, and my platform is Informed and Involved: Productive Citizenship, which works to educate on the importance of informed voting and community involvement. After a hiatus last summer to intern with the U.S. Senate, I am so happy to be back and competing in Williston in June!

I am just about to graduate with degrees in Political Science and Classical Studies from the University of North Dakota after only three years. This is one of my greatest accomplishments, and I am proud to be a first-generation college graduate. I am a member of Delta Gamma, my sorority, as well as an associate justice for the Judicial Branch of the UND Student Government. I love the opportunity to affect change in my community, and both of those organizations, along with being a local title holder, are the perfect recipe to make that opportunity available to me each day!

SFTB Walk.jpg

My days begin with my alarm being set about 30 minutes before I need to wake up so I can hit snooze a few times (yes, I am that person, but, in my defense, it gives me time to really wake up). I usually start with ripping the curtains open to let some sun in, some quick stretches, then throwing on my big, comfy robe and heading down two flights of stairs to the kitchen of the Delta Glamorous, as we call it, since I live in my sorority. I say hi to sisters while my heaping cup of coffee brews from the Keurig into my Presidential Slogans mug. I sneak into the Hold where our TV is and catch some morning news and enjoy my coffee. I then head upstairs to do my makeup and finish up and review my translation for Greek (or Latin, depending on the day/semester) before class.

Being a Classical Studies major is a unique experience in itself, as only about 8 students at UND are part of the program. It requires taking at least two years of either Greek or Latin, in addition to studying the history, culture, government, and art of ancient Rome and Greece. I have taken classes on the Trial and Execution of Socrates as well as Greece in Rome in Film and Television, both of which have been incredibly fascinating. In addition, I get to take classes on public and foreign policy and the Constitution as a Political Science major. Basically, my school day is full of laughing at the jokes produced by my hilarious professors and gaining knowledge on topics I am fascinated by. I’ve always loved school and will continue to be a life-long learner!

Of course, homework is sprinkled throughout my day. I try to devote at least 2 hours per day for homework, but most days take more. I also enjoy getting some sort of exercise, whether it’s a simple walk or roller blading day with my friends or I hit up a spin class or the gym for some cardio (while watching Disney’s Mulan because who isn’t inspired by that??) or yoga lead by my sorority sister, Kate. :) 

IIPC Presentation.jpg

Since my pageant platform involves not only informed voting, but also community involvement, I make a point to practice what I preach. On top of watching the news daily to inform myself, I have also made a point to volunteer at several places, but do I have three particular favorites. I have a specific resident I go visit at Valley Elder Care in Grand Forks who has quickly become a friend. She is an absolute hoot and plays a mean game of Skip-Bo! My true passion lies with ensuring that kids know that they are loved, heard, and known, so I love visiting the North Dakota School for the Blind as well as the couple of times I’ve gotten the opportunity to go to Sanford Children’s Hospital. Getting to play games, do crafts, and visit with these kids easily makes as big, if not a bigger, impact on me as it does them. I walk away every time learning something new with a smile on my face.

Once I get home, I like to wind down by reading from a book or watching an episode of one of my favorite shows. The wildest part is that I am usually asleep before 11 PM! While I’m usually exhausted by now, I make a point to thank God that I have so many beautiful, fruitful opportunities in front of me to give my energy to each day.