A Day in the Life of Miss Hazen-Beulah, Genesis McGregor


Hey hey, North Dakota readers!  My name is Genesis McGregor, and I am the current Miss Hazen-Beulah 2018.  I started competing in the Miss North Dakota organization in 2015 when I was a senior in High School.  I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Celiac Disease in 2015.  Along with my diet change, my weight changed, my friendships changed, my health changed, my whole lifestyle changed.  The mental health issues I struggled with increased with my physical health issues.  The pageant world completely changed my life.  I have always been into the beauty and fashion industry and my initial attraction to pageants was the beauty.  Everything quickly changed when the first pageant I competed in gained me some of my best friends till this day.  The Miss North Dakota class became a sisterhood and the support group I needed.


My platform is Unite to Silence the Stigma- with the Hope to Save a Life.  It focuses on Mental Health and Suicide Awareness.  I am partnered with and inspired by the Unite to Silence the Stigma Committee in Jamestown.  Mental health and suicide shouldn’t be scary to talk about.  It’s something that’s very real, and uniting together with people that know what you’re going through is what it’s all about.  The fact that I struggle with depression and anxiety every day has turned me into such a strong individual, and I intend to use my past experiences to help other people.

I decided to pursue a career in the beauty industry.  I consider myself a female barber, a cosmetologist, a makeup artist, and a fashionista.  I landed my first job right out of Hair School in my hometown of Jamestown at Vivacious Salon.  I get to wake in the midmorning and do what I love every day.  It’s my job to put on a smile, have a good attitude, and give my clients everything I’ve got.  I change lives every day.  Not only do I get to make people feel beautiful on the outside, but I get to have heart to hearts with these people and give them the confidence and support they need.  My happiness comes from other peoples’ smiles.  I have also started a career in makeup, signing on with LimeLife professional makeup.  I get to make videos, buy and sell products I love, and help others with their beauty needs.

Along with working hard everyday in the beauty industry, I also work hard on my health and fitness.  I go to the gym just about every day after work.  It’s something I get excited for throughout the day.  Getting to watch not only my body change but also seeing my mental health change is amazing… and it’s something I’ve done on my own.  It’s empowering to push yourself to run the extra mile or to lift the extra weight.


I am deeply rooted in my Native American Culture.  I am from the Chippewa and Cree tribe, and my Native American name is Bald Eagle Woman.  My grandfather Francis Cree said he could see me soaring without fear just like a Bald Eagle.  I hold my spiritualty and faith very close to my heart.  I have been fancy shawl dancing since I was a “tator tot” (toddler), and I have also been in dance classes since I was 4 years old, along with choir for all of my childhood and teen years as well.  I love to express myself through singing and dancing.