A Day in the Life of Miss Williston, Renae Evenson

Hello everyone! My name is Renae Evenson! Miss Williston 2018!! I just finished my first 2 years of College at Williston State College! I will be Transferring to Minot State University, majoring in Special Elementary Education with a minor in Deaf Elementary Education! I am very excited to compete in the Miss North Dakota Pageant for my second time!

My days are always very different! Playing a college sport, you never know what activities your coach my have planned, and what crazy times they may decide to change practice to! 


However most of my days usually start out with waking up very early, usually around 5:30 am to get to Morning Softball practice! Morning practices are as a full team!! Afterwards I would usually shower, get ready, and head off for a long day of classes!! I was in 22 credits this last semester! Whew!! 


After class, I would head to outfielders practice! Which is my favorite! I love being challenged! Somedays we would practice fielding and other days we would practice hitting! Hitting drills are my personal favorite! 

After my second practice of the day I would usually head home to take a quick nap, then work on homework and my online classes!! 


Around 8pm every evening I head to the Gym, until about 9:30, as soon as I get home, I’m always so tired! So I brush my teeth, put on my PJs and head to bed!! 

I hope you all enjoyed a day in my life, and I look forward to meeting you all in Person at the pageant!!